How about we get started….

Well this is the beginning of blogging to for me! Since I’m new to this and want to try and facilitate a creative interactive environment I’ve made a proposal list to see what we should talk about. Feel free to comment on it and we’ll go from there: Read on!

Three Blog Proposals: David Cappelucci

I have decided that I will use a wordpress blog to post the following items to.

1. “Personal Growth”

• The main idea behind this “Personal Growth” blog topic is that in a person’s life they should continue to seek growth of knowledge, experience and abilities in order to stay competitive in any work environment and I will argue, to achieve a high level of fulfillment in their life
• I would analyze personal growth on different levels such as Philosophical, Technological, Career knowledge, personal maintenance.
• For things dealing with the Philosophical level I will speak to an individual’s journey through their life and the values, morals and spirituality that may change. The idea behind the writings here being that people need to view themselves and others on a dimension that is completely non-physical if not primarily abstract. By doing so, one is able to help change his own conciseness and can seek to gain better understandings of his environment.
• For Technological I will be focusing on how staying current with technology can benefit you in your career and personal life. I will take into account learning curves, efficiency and new technologies and trends in my analysis here. The goal being to shed light on new technologies to help someone decide which ones they may pursue to learn more of and which ones would provide the best utilitarian purposes.
• For Career Knowledge I will take a snapshot of a person’s current career standing and help show that by learning as much as you can about where you are, you will create success for yourself in the short and long term. As an example I will be using myself and the insurance industry to show how that changes and helps fuel my career’s success simply by knowing what I’m dealing with on a daily basis.
• Personal maintenance will be used as a catch all category for all things that may be associated with creating a positive influence on your career and your life. I presume things like hobby’s, proper care for oneself, and personal finance may be things that are spoken about here

2. “IT as a Service”

• The goal of this will be to analyze the trend and industry move to IT as a Service. I would like to focus on what that means for the employment of IT itself as well as how others may be able to market themselves better in the IT as a Service environment.
• I will take a look at the overarching concepts and differences that the service industry has and apply those to the changes that occur to a workday when IT becomes a service.
• I will try and use “futurist” concepts on the industry as it evolves and begins to take on the Service role.

3. “The tango of work and life”

• In this section my primary focus will be analyzing what makes or break your relationship with work. I will take a look at how many elements of work influence your “personal life” help determine how that may affect your happiness.
• Here I will have a look at concepts regarding clutter, fulfillment, happiness, and attitude. The goal of the section being able to make a conscious distinction between things that bring you happiness and things that don’t. By determining these items you are able to better allocate your time to work and play. I will try and break the sometimes oppressive bonds that tie us to a career and the almighty dollar.


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