Talking SCRUM

Are you aware of what AGILE can do for you?

For most companies that create things, from small machines to software packages, the use of AGILE methodologies to get projects done can be a game changer.

I’m going to review from the tech perspective but I believe the adaptation and use of AGILE methodologies, specifically SCRUM can do a lot to streamline projects, improve communication, and eventually improve the participants relationship with their careers.

Obviously these methodologies must be used for the proper project types, that being: small, fast paced projects.
If you are unfamiliar with SCRUM, have a look at the video above.

I believe SCRUM can streamline projects in a couple different ways. Due to the iterative nature of SCRUM, most things happen in the project for very precise reasons.

When used in coding projects, SCRUM has the potential to influence more efficient coding techniques that would help shorten deadlines.

SCRUM has the inherent benefit of improving communications thanks to those routine Stand-Up meetings. Since the group works with a specific individual division of labor mixed with the cohesive “group-think” environment information about “what’s going on” is easily shared. With communication being so tight, creativity can flourish and projects can come to life in the workplace!

SCRUM isn’t just good for the business though. The individuals that work within the SCRUM have the opportunity to try new roles as new projects come down. This allows everyone to hone different skills and build a stronger workforce as well as developing more portable skills for each employee.


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