Making the most of your career:


It’s a question we all ask; does your work fit YOU?

For my first blog post, I asked what the audience wanted to talk about. Today we’ll be talking about the balance of your career and your life.

Before we get started, I’d like to point out that I don’t believe modern Academic Institutions do a proper job of helping young people determine their life direction.

About life direction:

I’d like to approach the topic using the concepts of life direction or “inner compass”. What we are talking about here is the feeling that all people get about what they want to be and do. It’s pretty abstract and that’s the way it is supposed to be.

You use your life direction as a rail to follow in making decisions and leading the life that you want. This is the force in the relationship. Don’t get me wrong, the life direction of anyone can change almost spontaneously. I think what the person has to do is always pay attention to it to feel the most value out of the things that they do. This is where establishing the life direction and goals can immediately affect the relationship between your career and your personal life.

I view the individual’s career and personal life somewhat opposed, mainly in terms of the most constrained resource: time. I see life direction as a bond and driving force behind the relationship between career and personal life.

A person develops goals and ideas of what they want to be and do; these are the life direction coordinates. I think sometimes people are told not to have a preference and I say be picky! Decide what you want to do and have a look at as much as you want because you’ll be able to compare the way you feel about everything then, maximize the value out of the things you choose to spend your time on.

What about the job?

The next thing to do is actually be willing to pursue your life direction, try not to deviate it and you will be happier and feel fulfillment in your life. Say you really feel confident and excited about exploring home automation and you also have some ideas for improvements. If you feel like you’re self-motivated and resilient you may have some entrepreneur in you. Allow yourself to pursue the things that your gut says “Yes” to.

By developing your career with your inner compass as its guide, you can get the most fulfillment and happiness out of your time. Look to work in an industry that fits the type of person that you are and want to be. Don’t be afraid to try new things or seek out opportunities for information interviews just to see what a certain type of industry does or is up to. See Dating a Company for more information on choosing your industry.

Look for things you enjoy in your personal life to help you do what makes you happy in your career. You’ll be able to whittle down job types in the industries of your choice, you’ll find a career path that fits you and excites you along its path. One that you feel is worth your time, which is the key.

The Connection

When we take into account our life direction as we make career decisions, the connection to our personal life is strengthened. We use a lot of our most precious resource working our careers, but when aligned with life direction, we begin to Work to Live, not live to work. We feel satisfaction in the time we take from our personal life to devote to our careers. That time is well spent and brings even more value into our personal lives.

Even the smallest change in a career to the tune of your inner compass can create vast amounts of positivity. Your goal is to always feel good about your time spent and search ways to do that using your life direction.

Be the person you are, ever-changing, and blaze the path of your career with the fire of your life’s direction.


3 thoughts on “Making the most of your career:

  1. sarvjit January 13, 2014 / 11:09 am

    Work is worship. If you do not like your work then leave it and find what you truly want to do. This is what I want to tell everyone. Believe me.


    • cappeldt January 13, 2014 / 5:27 pm

      Thanks for commenting. Do you feel that your Life Direction is aligned with your career?


      • sarvjit January 14, 2014 / 3:21 am

        My career is just to follow my heart and it shows the correct direction if your heart is pure.


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