Sucking it dry. (Getting the most out of Social Media)

Are you aware of how the Law of Reciprocity changes the way you use Social Media?

Did you know that by leveraging this concept, you can increase your impact the value you derive out of the Social Media you choose to market yourself with.

What it is:

In terms of Social Media, the Law of Reciprocity is the concept that if you add something to someone else’s social media outlet, they are more likely to add something to yours. Such as, a re-tweet of someone’s tweet may end up with you being re-tweeted by that person.

The importance of this concept (and the reason for writing this) is that in order to be the most efficient and effective with your social media, you need to consider reciprocity with every act of SM.

With the social media you use for your career, it is not enough just to sit back go with the ebb and flow of normal SM. You should remember that you are using this to show who you are CONSTANTLY. It is always running and should always show your best light, and people should be seeing this. As such, when you utilize reciprocity you can help plan ways for which people may be able to add value to your pages. I think the best platform to showcase this is LinkedIn.

The Match:

Reciprocity and LinkedIn are Peanut Butter & Jelly. Are you familiar with your LinkedIn’s Skills & Expertise section? This is where Endorsements and the Law of Reciprocity merge. When you endorse someone in some subject matter, you are giving their profile a boost and that feels good to both of you. The recipient of the first endorsements will likely “return the favor” which will boost your profile!

We can then take a step back and look at the people you might want to be endorsing. Think about what that person might endorse you for and decide if that is what you want your Brand to portray at the moment.

Taking It Further:

Endorsing people isn’t the only way to leverage reciprocity on LinkedIn.  You can also use it effectively when adding projects that you’ve worked on. If you worked with a colleague on a project you’re adding to your profile, simply add them as people who worked with you. It will let them know you added them and they can then add more content to the project, making you both look fantastic!

As you continue to work to deliver content, consider the Law of Reciprocity and try to quantify any change you see.


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