A Note on Networking


 How many people connected with you on LinkedIn did you connect with for a specific purpose or goal? Your LinkedIn connections can be leveraged to help attain short and long-term goals. Being able to determine what goals you may have and how to positions your connections to achieve those goals can set you apart from the majority of users.

You first need to have a look within yourself and your career to decide what types of goals you want to establish. Do you plan on being with the company you are now for the rest of your life? Do you think you’ll move out of the state by the end of the year? Determine both lengths of goals in order to get the most out of your connections.

As you look at your short term goals, try to make new connections with people that can easily influence these goals. I think the prime example here is leveraging LinkedIn connections to get a job. Your short term goal is to get hired. You will then use you connections to try and connect with as many people inside that company as you can. Typically, you’ll start with the recruiter then start getting connected with the hiring managers as well as the other employees. This shows the decision makers you are vested in communication with the company since you have connected with so many people that are already a part of the organization.

When you review your long term goals consider where you may want to be and how these connections can make the difference. An example here would be if you think in five years you want to move into the bio-medical field because you think that will be a good fit for you. The reason it has to wait five years is because you are still finishing up your degree, and then would like to move across the country. With these parameters you can start to connect with people in these industries NOW! Seek out current west-coast companies that do what you are interested in. Once you make these connections you can help keep your brand around as you work to finish you degree. When you are finally ready to get the jobs, you’ll have old, strong connections with people who have probably continued climb the ladder in their organization. A strong letter of recommendation from those people would be very helpful toward you getting the job.





2 thoughts on “A Note on Networking

  1. montgokb January 19, 2014 / 11:38 pm

    David, the first thing I noticed was the layout of your blog. I really liked the professionalism it showed, and all your blog topics relate, and actually give helpful tips in each one of them, I also learned a lot from each blog post. The one I learned the most from was the LinkedIn post because I am very new to LinkedIn, and I am trying to build my network. I really liked how you talked about building your network and how you should determine your short and long term goals before starting to make connections. You give great advice here and I really appreciated reading your blog that was actually very helpful to me. This also relates directly to our class, and something that will be beneficial even after this class is over. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!


    • cappeldt January 21, 2014 / 10:06 am

      Thank you Katlin!

      I really enjoyed writing this article mainly because it focuses on the concepts of preparation and planning when getting ready to use a SM platform. When I do things in my life, I try and take a cost-benefit approach to it. The same thing applies to using social media.

      I image, “why should I spend hours and hours on SM trying to promote my career when I might not get anything in return”. The best way to safeguard against lost hours and maximize out ROI (in this case time is our capital), is to develop a plan. Seeking long and short-term goals using LinkedIn is only part of a Social Media plan but having both time-frames help you plan each platform move around the timing, rather than trying to post posts that are only relevant in short terms maneuvers.


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