Jammin’ On The Job!


Do you get your groove on at work? I suppose it’s a simple question but the question has strong connection to the debate of whether or not music affects your productivity at work.

After some digging through internet archives, I found plenty of articles that say yay or nay on the effects of music. Some argue that you have to be the right “type of person” in terms of your biology to have the music lead to increased productivity; for the rest, music hampers productivity.

I feel that music has its place in nearly every setting one can find themselves in, sometimes you just need to get the right music for the situation. Deciding on the tunes is usually a tough decision for me to do, but once I find that track that gets me in the zone, it really locks me into a project. Listening to Pearl Jam right now!

At my internship this summer I was happy to see that many people I worked with were happy to listen to music as they worked. While they used headphones and I never heard it, I agreed with their decision because it seemed to make the place more vibrant. The atmosphere was improved because people were listening to music. Sometimes someone would hum a bit, or your get bits and pieces of songs that carry over, it was like a treat! I noticed they were very professional about it and never let the music interrupt their professional manner when it mattered.

I often sit in class and think about how much more interesting class would be if set to a soundtrack. I image how much more I would get out of class if I could read the closed captioning of the lecture and turn on some music for the class. I would likely play very abstract and ambient music so I could keep dialed in to every lecture.

If you plan the type of music you’ll listen to with the atmosphere and work you’ll be doing, I think you’ll have a better time doing that task and will also finish it faster and feel more fulfilled at the end. When we go to the gym we put on our exercise playlists and enjoy working out more. We listen to music in the car to help dial us in on long car rides too. By bringing music with us in our careers we can help ensure our lives are surrounded by good vibrations!


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