Casing the Joint (A look at your ideal environment)


How is the environment you work in? Does it suit you?

I’d like to talk today about the physical environment you work in and how you might feel it affects your workday and quite possibly, your productivity.

I’ve always felt that environments have to have a certain “feel” in them for me to be the most productive. Without doubt, the most important environmental factor to me is lighting. Surely you understand this; don’t you like it when the lights dim in the theatre? I’ve met many people that hate florescent lighting, I hate them too and think what they really do is add a lovely amount of strain to the brain and eyes during the day. When I do work under that sickening white light that beams out of those cans I find it hard to focus in on the pages or screens I’m working with. Put a small warm-looking light next to me and everything changes.

Now what about your other surroundings. Do you feel like you work better on synthetic or wooden desks? Maybe you work on a stone surface. Some might choose a desk that moves so you can stand or sit at it. Check out the UpLift 900. Now that’s a desk.

Another part of your surrounding can be the walls and the carpet. Personally, I find darker spaces to be much easier to focus in that brighter walls and carpets. I also prefer a slimmer carpet with a fairly creative but subtle design.

As you go out on your job hunts, remember that where you work is just as important as who you work with. If you are able, see if you can take a tour of the office and see how it fits you. If you feel like you can be productive in the space, then that company may be a keeper.


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