RapChat – Just add the Gin and Juice

Have you heard of RapChat?

If you’re trying to take your rap battles to the 21st century, Rapchat is the way to do it.

RapChat allows you to rap battle your friends (or enemies) using your smartphone. You can choose from a multitude of different beats that supply the fabric through which you deliver your venomous retorts.

I met a founder of RapChat the summer of 2013 while interning at Progressive Insurance. His name is Seth Miller Mill’s Blog  and he’s been the best way I’ve learned about RapChat over the last year or so. It’s a rare occurrence to be around Seth and not find him brewing up other avenues RapChat could travel.

RapChat’s story-so-far is pretty inspirational. Forming small, it’s grown to having over 17,000 raps sent in a day! Check out his stats post : December Growth Spurt Analysis

  1. Where did these downloads come from?
  2. What did the growth curve look like on a week by week basis? Did our graph look like a roller coaster or like a hockey stick?
  3. How long are new users sticking around?

I’ve had the opportunity to listen to some of the struggles Seth finds with the widespread growth of RapChat – trying to remain on tight budgets, while enabling the application and user-base to flourish.

The team seems to be having great success leveraging Social Media to gather and retain users and extract crucial feedback. They’re highly active on Twitter @rapchatapp and Facebook RapChat.

The team is now seeking funding to take the application to the main stream and land the app on multiple platforms. Get it for your iPhone now : iTunes App

It’s inspiring to see RapChat taking off and is a great reminder that the best ideas sometimes solve problems people didn’t know existed.


iTunes App

RapChat Homepage

Check out the video again

Twitter – @RapChatApp


December Growth Spurt Analysis

Mill’s Blog


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