A goal of coding

I’ve recently gotten back into the start-up mood.You know, the one – where every idea could change the world and no matter what ways you look at your new idea it’s always perfect… until it’s not.

I’m actually pretty stoked to be back in this mindset, I always feel like my days end up more fulfilling when I’m looking into a new idea or reading up about a new technology or industry that might just benefit from an innovation.

In order to execute some of these ideas, I’m going to sharpen my coding chops. Being able to build exactly what I’m thinking in a matter of days (albeit an MVP) will help me to refine the workings of each idea. My goal is to learn Java like the back of my hand so I’m able to get a better handle on Android development. I’m also going to hammer on HTML5 and CSS to familiarize myself with front-end development that I’ve really only had some experience with.

Let you know how it goes.


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