About the Author

David T. Cappelucci is a friend, entrepreneur, and tech-junkie. Being a recent grad of Miami University, ’14, he holds The Farmer School of Business in high regard and believes his undergraduate education taught him a great set of skills and values poising him well for success in the future.

He enjoys talking all things business and is most interested about business ventures that take on disruptive technologies to improve business processes and bottom-lines. He focuses on technology as a tool to create competitive advantages, and those that are leveraged as investments to the operations of a firm.

He recognizes a tradeoff occurs when capital is spent, thus the investment needs to be accurate and effective, aligned directly with the high-level plan of the firm so the capital is spent in the interest of the firm and its stakeholders in the short and long-term.

He feels the human element (communication) is a key to success and technology often offers avenues that are still untapped for increasing communication intra-company as well as directly to external stakeholders.

He’s a professional driven by change, who seeks to leverage technology to create personal and shared success. He values people and work to create environments of focus, integrity, and personal growth. He holds that humanity is better served when people and data analysis converge to make smarter, more effective decisions.

He uses this blog as a professional journal to relay and build new ideas, and to keep a timeline of personal growth and development. Feedback is always desired, so feel free to drop him a line @DavidCappelucci.


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